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New Horn Setup & Free Shipping

On every new Professional Model Saxophone purchased you receive our $350-$400 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE SHIPPING.  On all new Student and Intermediate Model Saxophones you receive a minimum of our $120-$150 "Complete Adjustment" and FREE SHIPPING. 

Some saxophones will play fairly well out of the box, but they will play much better if you purchase one from Sax Alley with our extensive "New Horn Set Up".  We do things that the factory doesn't, which will give you better intonation and overall response than you will get from most dealers who only pull the instrument out of the box and sell it to you. Most new saxophones are generally in bad adjustment out of the box, so why buy from someone who is going to sell it to you "as is" hoping you won't care?  Do you want your new saxophone to play as well as it possibly can? 

When you purchase your new saxophone from us, we meticulously go over it and set it up so it will give you optimal performance the day you receive it. 


Yamaha Saxophones, Flutes and Clarinets

Sax Alley has just become an Authorized Dealer for Yamaha Saxophones, Flutes and Clarinets!  The new "Custom 82ZII" Alto and Tenor now have a one-piece bell which gives them a warmer and meatier sound quality than ever.  The 875EX alto is possibly the best classical alto on the market which plays and responds beautifully for jazz work as well.  The 82Z sopranos in both straight and bent neck models have that big Yamaha sound and fantastic intonation and response. 

Yamaha Flutes and Clarinets, including the new CSGII Professional Clarinet, are some of the best in the world so don't miss out on these great instruments now available through Sax Alley.

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new Yamaha Professional Saxophone purchased!  Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


Andreas Eastman Saxophones

Sax Alley is now an Authorized Dealer for Andreas Eastman Saxophones.  The new "52nd Street" Alto and Tenor are un-lacquered, rolled tone hole models that are absolutely fantastic.  We played the 52nd Street alto next to an early 6 digit Mark VI and it had a bigger sound and better overall response!  Bob Mintzer is now endorsing the 52nd Street Tenor as well as the 600 series soprano which he says is the most in tune soprano he has ever played!  The 600 Series alto and tenor are also fantastic and reasonably priced.   These are the best new saxophones I have seen and I would highly recommend you trying one before you make a decision on a new saxophone!!!

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new Eastman Professional Saxophone purchased!  Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


P. Mauriat Saxophones

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for P. Mauriat and sold more P. Mauriat Saxophones  than any dealer in the US in the first 10 years of Mauriat's introduction.  Even with a new distributor and numerous stores set up to sell P. Mauriat, we are still one of the top 5 dealers in North America!   We know these instruments and how to make them play well because we have set up hundreds of them.  P. Mauriat saxophones are sonically the warmest and darkest sounding new horn on the market and they play as good or better than the "major" brands at a lower price.  Made in Taiwan from imported European brass, these are simply one of the best saxophones out there today at a great price!!!

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new P. Mauriat Professional Saxophone purchased!  Call (970-674-0222), email ( for more information and prices.


Selmer and Yanagisawa Saxophones

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for Selmer and Yanagisawa saxophones.  Selmer has been THE name in saxophones for over 60 years and their design and quality is still excellent.  Yanagisawa has been one of the top Japanese brands for over 40 years and they continue to make a high quality product that performs beautifully.  Yanagisawa's soprano saxophones are especially good so don't miss out on them!

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new Selmer or Yanagisawa Professional Saxophone purchased!   Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


Keilwerth Saxophones

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for German made, Keilwerth Saxophones.  These instruments are well designed and meticulously made and offer a sound quality that is unique from other saxophones currently being manufactured. These are really fine instruments that are not widely acknowledged or recognized due to poor distribution and advertising in the past.  Don't be fooled, though!  These are great playing saxophones and worthy of your consideration. (Buffet Crampon has just taken over this company so we are looking forward to their influence in making Keilwerth as great a name as it deserves to be.)

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new Keilwerth Professional Saxophone purchased!  Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


RS Berkeley Saxophones

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for RS Berkeley Saxophones.  Their "Virtuoso" alto and tenor models are Mark VI copies from the standpoint of bore size, key placement and metal composition.  They feel just like a VI in your hands and have a bit brighter and more lively sound than the VI's.   The "Artist Series" Low A baritone also plays quite well at a great price.  These are VERY good instruments for a VERY reasonable price!!

We also include the Sax Alley $350 "New Horn Set Up" and FREE Shipping with every new RS Berkeley Professional Saxophone purchased!  Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


Phil Barone Saxophones

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for Phil Barone Saxophones.  Phil has given us a saxophone that is not expensive and works well for both the serious and recreational player.  Phil has multiple finishes which are both beautiful and functional to give you the sound you are looking for at a reasonable price.  

Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


Buffet Clarinets

Sax Alley is an Authorized Dealer for Buffet Clarinets.  Buffet has been THE clarinet standard, used by more professionals than any other clarinet, for decades.  We are currently stocking the R13 and can get you any model you desire at a great price!

Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.



P. Mauriat Saxophones - "B" Stock

We access to some "B" stock P. Mauriat saxophones that are only considered "B" stock either from very minor cosmetic blemishes or minor shipping damage that we can sell for hundreds less than new.  We also repair any minor damage that happened to these instruments before you receive them.  You still get the full, one year P. Mauriat factory warranty as you would with any "A" stock P. Mauriat saxophone.  We have access to these B Stock horns so let us know what you are looking for and we will see if they are available.

If you are looking to save some money and some minor blemishes don't bother you, contact us to see what is available.  Call (970-674-0222) or email ( for more information and prices.


Why buy from Sax Alley?

Our Promise

We stand behind every product we sell.  We give you a one week from receipt trial period to be sure the product you ordered works for you.  We don't want you to be stuck with something that doesn't improve your playing experience and further your desire to be a better saxophonist.  We are here to serve you!


Our prices are better than most shops and competitive with many, especially when you consider the value for your dollar in our extensive repair and set up of used and new saxophones.  If you are considering buying from another dealer, ask them if they do a complete disassemble and extensive $350-$400 "New Horn Set Up" on every new professional model saxophone they sell.  If not, you have to ask yourself why you would pay more for less!!

When you get a new or used saxophone from Sax Alley, it WILL play well!!

Saxophone Repair

All of our repair technicians are saxophone players.  No drummers or guitar players working on your saxophone!  This business was founded around our repair shop, before we began selling any products, and that is where our reputation was formed.  When you get your saxophone back, it will play better than when it entered our shop, guaranteed!

Every used student or intermediate model we sell gets a minimum of our $120-$150 "Complete Adjustment" for no extra charge.


We are Authorized Yamaha, Eastman, P. Mauriat, Selmer, Yanagisawa, Keilwerth, RS Berkeley and Phil Barone Saxophone dealers and can get other brands for you as well.  We are also now Authorized Dealers for Yamaha and Haynes Flutes and Yamaha and Buffet Clarinets.  We have a great selection of new, vintage and used mouthpieces (over 200 in the shop!), reeds, ligatures and other accessories as well as Classic Jazz and Classical Saxophone CD's.

We carry only those products that we have tested and believe are of high quality and work well.  No junky, student mouthpieces here that won't work no matter how good a player you are.  Only top quality products tested and approved by us.

Used saxophones will receive a minimum of $120 of work, often much more, to be sure they play well when you receive them.

We can give you good advice on product comparison and which saxophone, mouthpiece or reed might work best for your playing situation.

We designed and manufacuter our own solid brass, right hand thumb hook which will replace the cheap, plastic hook on your Selmer, Yanagisawa or Yamaha saxophone.


We give you FREE Shipping with each NEW professional model saxophone you purchase.

We use 200 pound test boxes (these boxes require more than 200 pounds of pressure to make them collapse) to ship all our new instruments, normally double boxed with manufacturers boxes inside, surrounded by several inches of styrofoam packing material with our heavy duty box on the outside.  We also cork the keys shut on any saxophone being shipped to insure that it stays in good adjustment.  (All shipping charges on used or student model saxophones are the responsiblity of the purchaser even if the instrument is returned.)


At Sax Alley, we don't just sell you a product.  We are selling you a product backed by our service and our reputation that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment from the time you receive it!!!


Featured Products

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Casey Cards - Conn 6M Pencil Drawing, Blank Greeting Card

Casey Brown is an exceptional artist and good friend.  She did a pencil drawing of a Vintage Conn 6M alto we had in the shop and made blank greeting cards from it so you can send a personal message to anyone you know and show them your love the for the instrument at the same time.

You can go to her Facebook page and see if she might sell you a copy of the larger size pencil drawing as well (

We can ship for only $3 on this item (it won't show on your order form, but we will adjust that here).

Sax Alley Price: $2.95

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Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' Transitional Vintage Tenor Saxophone #253,xxx

The Conn 10M is called the "Naked Lady" model because it has the bust of a lady in the center of the engraving on the bell.  This one is a "transitional model" since it does not have the "10M" stamped on the body tube and it has bell keys on either side of the bell, unlike the true 10M which has them both on the same side.    I would say this is a more rare model considering the engraving is just like the true 10M and bell keys and body are not like a true 10M.  The lacquer has been stripped and engraving is weak in a few spots which leads me to believe it was re-lacquered somewhere along the way.   

In spite of that, this tenor plays VERY well!!   It has plastic dome resonator pads which are moderately good.

We have included the Sax Alley $130 "Complete Adjustment" in the the price of this tenor.  Shipping is extra.


Sax Alley Price: $2,400.00

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Conn 10M 'Naked Lady' Vintage Tenor Saxophone #291,xxx (The best of the 10M's)

The Conn 10M is called the "Naked Lady" model because it has the bust of a lady in the center of the engraving on the bell.  This is THE era that everybody wants in a 10M with rolled tone holes!!  The lacquer is original and in good condition at about 50% remaining.   

We have moved the strap hook and right hand thumb rest to make it more comfortable and easier to play. It isn't a pretty as some out there, but is a real players horn.  Pads were recently replaced before it came to us, by Tenor Madness, and it has their metal dome resonators.  This one plays really well so grab it if you want a 10M with that sound that you can't get from any other saxophone.

We have already done the Sax Alley $130 "Complete Adjustment" at no extra cost.  

Shipping is extra.


Regular Price: $3,100.00

Special Price: $2,900.00

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Conn New Wonder 'Chu Berry' Alto Saxophone #209,xxx - Gold Plated, Fantastic!!

Excellent condition, gold-plated "Chu Berry" model with rolled tone holes, nail file G# lever and tunable neck.  This is a more rare model of the "Chu Berry" alto with the gold-plating and hand-engraved cabin by the lake scene on the bell.

Conn actually listed this as the "New Wonder" model, but this model received it's nickname, "Chu Berry" because Chu Berry played the tenor version of this model for years.  The finish is excellent and this one came to us from the original owner's children.   Conn altos have a beautiful sound quality and we can make them play as big as a modern alto if you want us to do that for you.  This one has a fantastic sound quality.  It is, by far, the best playing Conn alto in the shop and plays beautifully!!!  It is worth every penny!!!!

We have replaced all the questionable pads and done our Sax Alley $120 "Complete Adjustment" to make this alto play as well it can which is fantastic!

Comes with the original Conn Hard Shell case, mouthpiece and gold-plated ligature!!


Sax Alley Price: $2,990.00

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Otto Link Vintage Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece, Early Slant Signature #3*

A vintage, 'Slant Signature', hard rubber alto in a 3* facing. Condition on this piece is quite good and it a very early 'slant' in that is has "Eburnated Bar" stamped on the mouthpiece and has Otto Link & Co, Inc, New York on the shank.

It looks like someone has done some table and rail touch up on this one, but the 3* facing indication on the table is still quite readable.

No cap or ligature included.


Sax Alley Price: $295.00

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Otto Link Vintage New York Metal 'Tone Master' Tenor Mouthpiece 7*

A vintage, New York, "Tone Master", metal tenor that was originally a #5 facing (on the table).  This one has been refaced by Brian Powell to a 7* and is in good condition.  Serial number is IV97.  Bite plate is very good under the ugly looking patch.  The Tone Masters generally play with a warm sound quality.

No cap or ligature included.

I recommend the Francois Louis Ultimate S tenor ligature with this mouthpiece.


Sax Alley Price: $875.00

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Phil-Tone 'Mosaic' Metal Tenor Mouthpiece

The Mosaic was inspired by the hard bop and colorfully rich ballads of Dexter Gordon. It is not a copy of any piece but could best be described as a cross between a Dukoff Hollywood and a Stubby. The Mosaic presents a broad, thick and textured tone.  It can safely be said that it has the thickest and most colorful tone of any piece…anywhere.  When pushed the Mosaic can become an “In your face” type of piece.  It is extremely flexible and always a pleasure to play.

The Mosaic is packaged with Theo’s revolutionary Enlightened Ligature and two pressure plates. 

The tip opening is a 7* (.105").  Custom tips can be requested.


This mouthpiece works very well with the new Andreas Eastman 52nd Street Tenor!!!


Sax Alley Price: $495.00

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Phil-Tone 'Tribute' Metal Tenor Mouthpiece

Phil-Tone Custom Woodwinds and Theo Wanne Inc. are proud to announce what we hope to be the first in a series of collaborative efforts from the great Northwest. Aptly named “The Tribute”, this endeavor is our way of paying homage to many jazz saxophone legends as well as to a mouthpiece that holds a special place in musical history. 

It began as a vast collection of vintage pieces. From this we chose the very best metal vintage Florida for analysis. Through the use of laser mapping, 3d printers, and months of trials and adjustments the goal was achieved; a piece with the richness, color, and vibrance, of the vintage original without modernizations or added “steroids”. The Tribute can whisper or project with attitude. Always complex, always full, its versatility and precise construction opens endless avenues of musical articulation. 

The Tribute will be packaged with Theo’s revolutionary Enlightened Ligature and two pressure plates.

The opening is a 7* (.105)

This mouthpiece works very well with the P. Mauriat PMXT-66 R UL or Eastman 52nd Street tenors!!!


Sax Alley Price: $495.00

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Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone #96,xxx, Original Silver-Plate with Gold-Plated Neck - BEAUTIFUL and a Fantastic Player!!

A beautiful, early, Mark VI alto in factory Silver-Plate with gold wash in the bell, #96,xxx, with a gold-plated neck.  This alto plays extremely well and would be a great lead alto instrument since it plays very big and open.

It includes a High F# key which was added later by Tenor Madness.  The neck is not the original serial numbered neck, but doesn't detract from the sound of this stellar instrument.

Comes with am SKB contoured case with Altieri case cover that includes back pack straps.

Pads are good and we will include our $120 "Complete Adjustment" in with the price to make sure it plays as well as possible.

This is one of THE BEST Mark VI altos I have ever played and an exceptional alto that will give the new owner a sound that won't be ignored!!!


Regular Price: $6,990.00

Special Price: $6,500.00

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Selmer Mark VI Baritone Saxophone #139,xxx, Low Bb

Original lacquer, early 60's Mark VI Bari to Low Bb.  This one already plays pretty well, but we plan on putting a bit of work into it to make it play even better.  The Low Bb models really do respond better and have better overall intonation than the Low A models so, if you don't need that Low A, save some money and purchase a great blowing Mark VI Bari! 

Comes with a Pro Tec Contoured Case. 

We will include the Sax Alley $140 "Complete Adjustment" and anything else we consider necessary in order to make this one play very well.


Sax Alley Price: $6,500.00

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Selmer Mark VI Baritone Saxophone #180,xxx, Low A!

Original lacquer, mid 60's Mark VI Bari to Low A.  Pads are nearly new in the superb playing, vintage Mark VI and we have gone through it and done our "Complete Adjustment" ($140 of work) and it is ready to go.

A great playing, much sought after, vintage Mark VI Bari to Low A!!

Comes with a Berkeley of London Contoured Case!



Regular Price: $8,900.00

Special Price: $8,400.00

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Selmer Model 26 Alto Saxophone #4552

Very nice condition, re-lacquered Model 26 Selmer Paris Alto saxophone in a nice dark gold lacquer.  Pads look new in this alto and it is in excellent mechanical condition.  This is a very early Selmer from 1926 so you will be owning a piece of saxophone history if you purchase this alto.

We have done our Sax Alley $120  "Complete Adjustment" and this one plays great!!  I tried it with a short shank, vintage Selmer Soloist and the intonation was good with a nice, big sound.   If you want that Selmer sound and don't have a lot of money, buy this horn!!!

Comes with what appears to be the original Selmer hard shell case.


Sax Alley Price: $1,900.00

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SML Rev D Tenor Saxophone #10,xxx

Very good condition, Revision D, SML tenor in a dichromate finish "perma-gold", Gold-Plate with a zinc plated neck.  This is the era of SML in which they gained their great reputation and won the Gold Medal which later renamed this tenor the "Gold Medal" model.  This one is from around 1953.

We have included the Sax Alley $675 "Minor Mechanical Restoration" in with the price of this tenor so it plays as well as it can!

Comes with an SKB contoured case.  You won't see one of these very often because they get snatched up quickly!!


Sax Alley Price: $3,600.00

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Woodwind 'Sparkle Aire', Steel Ebonite Bari Mouthpiece - Harry Carney Mouthpiece!!

I came across a number of brand new, Sparkle Aire Bari mouthpieces in a B4 Facing.  This is the mouthpiece that Harry Carney used to play with his vintage Conn 12M in the Duke Ellington Orchestra.  These will work well with any vintage bari due the shorter shank and large chamber.  These won't last long so grab one before they are gone!!

No cap or ligature included.  We do have some metal ligs that will actually fit these around here, so click on the "Ligature Option" if you need one.



Sax Alley Price: $200.00

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Yamaha YSS-62 Soprano #2,900 (Owned by Billy Tolles) (MAY BE SOLD)

Billy Tolles was born May 11, 1924, in Waukegan, Illinois.  After moving to Seattle at age 5, he started playing the saxophone at age 13, and in a short period of time became proficient enough to earn his way through college with his music. He schooled at A & T in Greensboro, NC, and received a B.S. in biomedical science, but after graduation and a movie to Boston, he began taking courses at the Schillinger School of Music (later Berklee College of Music) where he met Art Blakey.

During his time in Boston, Billy Eckstine started a big band with Dizzy Gillespie which included well known players like Miles Davis and Gene Ammons.  At Boston’s Tic Toc Club, an illness left a vacancy in that band and Art Blakey encouraged Billy to take the chair.  Later, Billy entered Columbia University in New York to begin his Master’s Degree and got into the jazz scene on New York’s legendary 52nd Street.

Billy traveled the world and played with great names like Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Lionel Hampton, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Billy Holiday and Harry Connick, Jr.

After a short stint with the Army, Billie returned to Seattle where  he hosted his own TV show, “The Billy Tolles Rock and Roll Show”.  After that he established his own band and performed in Las Vegas at a number of clubs including The Desert Inn.

Traveling and performing with other bands, after his time in Vegas, he stopped over in Denver to visit an army buddy he had worked with both in Las Vegas and on the West Coast.  He fell in love with Denver and in 1966 he moved there to work at the Cleft Club and later at El Chapultepec.  

From then on, Billy became a staple of the Denver Jazz Scene and also worked with kids in the public schools doing concerts and Jazz History Classes.  While working at the BBC Club in the early 70’s, Billy met his wife, Brandee Woods, who said Billy was “very talented and a gentleman from the old school”.  They were together up until his death in 2005.

Billy was loved and respected by musicians all over the world and we are pleased to be able to offer his early Yamaha YSS-62 soprano to benefit his wife, Brandee.  As you can see by the pictures, Billy didn't get a chance to play this instrument very much and it is in excellent, near new condition.  This is your chance to own a piece of Jazz History and continue creating music with the only soprano owned and played by Jazz Great, Billy Tolles.

Sax Alley price will include our $120 "Complete Adjustment" and any other work required to make it play as well as possible.  Comes with the original Yamaha case also in excellent condition.

Comes with the original Yamaha case, also in very good condition.

Sax Alley price will include our $120 "Complete Adjustment" so the instrument will play as well as possible once you receive it.


Regular Price: $3,790.00

Special Price: $3,590.00

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